Pound Wise – Focusing on the Big Stuff So You Don’t Have To Sweat the Small Stuff

We all probably know someone who agonizes over paying $3 for parking or won’t buy a $5 latte, but who has no problem paying many thousands of dollars more than you for rent, a car, vacations, etc. This phenomenon and its simple (yet rare) solution were the impetus for the name of my blog.  If… Continue reading>


If there’s a common thread among nearly every person I talk to, it’s an unfortunate one:  People are getting bad financial advice.  No, TERRIBLE advice.  That is, if they’re getting advice at all.  Let’s be clear:  selling an annuity or insurance product only counts as “advice” in the context of my profession.  We do not… Continue reading>

Fool’s Gold

There are few investing myths as persistent as Gold.  We like the idea of something we can touch, hold in our hands.  We want to believe that there’s an antidote to market volatility.  We like shiny things. Gold is pure speculation.  It is gambling, pure and simple.  And if it is understood as such, go… Continue reading>

Seeking Value

There was a genie that had fallen on hard times.  Instead of giving away wishes, he decided to sell them as a way of earning some income and getting back on his feet.  He could grant practically any wish (provided it did no harm to others) with a snap of his fingers.  He charged what… Continue reading>