Erin Peek M.D.

When you live off student loans and make close to minimum wage—which I did throughout medical school and my residency in emergency medicine—you don’t think about money other than bare-bones survival. It wasn’t until I finished my training and faced a stunning amount of student debt that the role of money in my life began… Continue reading>

Thomas Furda, CFP®

My parents emigrated to New York from Czechoslovakia when I was two. They were exceedingly careful with money—when I tore the knees of my (generic) jeans, my mother would patch them, not buy a new pair. We saved for the big things—like education and family trips. So when I asked my parents for a $3,000… Continue reading>

Ashley Fox

It was a nearly ideal situation for anyone in his or her early 20’s, but I asked my parents to take me off the dole. I was moving in with two of my girlfriends, who had both been financially independent for a while. My mom was proud of me, and a little confused by my… Continue reading>

Kathy Molinaro

My father taught me that good deeds don’t go unnoticed. While my mom was sick when I was 10, I took over running the household until she recovered. To show me that he appreciated what I’d done, my dad bought me a green radio shaped like a ball—it was all the rage at the time.… Continue reading>

Patrice Nicita

In 2011, I had the surreal and unforgettable experience of watching my house burn down. I watched a fireman take off his boots and give them to my husband, who had no shoes. I watched—humbled—as friends and neighbors gave us what they could—clothes, a place to sleep. It reminded me of the absolute necessity to… Continue reading>

Alex Crisafi, CFP®

I grew up as the eldest son of business owners: my dad ran a blinds and window coverings store in New Jersey. So I had a front-row seat (in the shop and at the dinner table) to the daily ups and downs of a family business. I mostly helped with installations and office work—until the… Continue reading>

Jeremy Levinn, CFP®

I was 10 and piano lessons were going well. My parents were inspired to find me a better piano and tracked down a woman selling an old six-foot Yamaha grand for $8,000 firm. My dad offered $7,000, but she wouldn’t budge. Feeling my heart’s desire slipping away, I piped in and offered her all the… Continue reading>

Tony Villa, CRPC®

My core beliefs about being part of a team were cemented at 18, working as a wrangler and cowhand on a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All the hands on the ranch were “in this together”—all waking up when the world was still dark, and spending our days doing gut-busting labor. The pay was miserable,… Continue reading>

Hugues Rivard, CFP®

I’m a hockey player and a complete math geek. I was studying with pre-med students at college (which is the level between high school and university in my home province of Quebec) and I was on the ice with my hockey team seven days a week. At the year-end banquet, I won Best Student Athlete—a… Continue reading>

Olga Raykhelson, CFP®

I spent most of my formative years in Communist Russia, where you just didn’t talk about money. I only began to think about it when I was twelve and my entire family moved to the United States. We had two months to untether from the group that sponsored our arrival. My parents each had earned… Continue reading>