Hugues Rivard, CFP®


B.A. Mathematical Economics, Colgate University
M.B.A. Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University
Discipline, hard work—and striving for balance—pay off.

I’m a hockey player and a complete math geek. I was studying with pre-med students at college (which is the level between high school and university in my home province of Quebec) and I was on the ice with my hockey team seven days a week. At the year-end banquet, I won Best Student Athlete—a prize that came with a trophy, $500, and a huge sense of accomplishment.

That experience stuck with me (I still have the boom box I bought with the prize money in my attic)—discipline, hard work and striving for balance do pay off.

I left Quebec to play hockey and study in New York at Colgate, later joining Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst. A couple of years on Wall Street and I was off to Chicago, pursuing my M.B.A. at Northwestern University.

It was my final stint in investment banking at CIBC Wood Gundy that convinced me: I needed to do work that was about the financial future of people, not companies.

I found my business soul mate in Michael Kay in 2006. We have mirroring philosophies on investments and personal finance, and agree that the goal in financial planning is overall satisfaction with life. Which is why today I coach my son’s hockey team—The Rockets.

Hugues Rivard, CFP®