Jeremy Levinn, CFP®


B.A. Government, Wesleyan University
How you use your money is what matters.

I was 10 and piano lessons were going well. My parents were inspired to find me a better piano and tracked down a woman selling an old six-foot Yamaha grand for $8,000 firm. My dad offered $7,000, but she wouldn’t budge. Feeling my heart’s desire slipping away, I piped in and offered her all the money I had to my name: $200. How could she say no to a 10-year-old? That piano still holds pride of place in my father’s living room.

It took a long time to save that $200 and it felt strange to spend it all at once. But this experience planted the idea that money is a means of realizing goals and reflecting values, not an end in itself. Up to that point, I had thought about how to acquire and hold on to money, but not about the best ways to use it. And at the end of the day, how you use it is what matters.

That’s ultimately what drew me to Financial Life Planning. You have to integrate unique personal values, life goals, finance, and a million other nuanced, and often intangible, personal drivers. You have to know what’s really important—and what is not. My passion is clearing the way for you to make financial decisions with confidence.

I feel very fortunate to have found a team of like-minded people at Financial Life Focus who are so passionate about the work we do.

Jeremy Levinn, CFP®