Kathy Molinaro

Client Service

If you put people first, you’re always rich.

My father taught me that good deeds don’t go unnoticed. While my mom was sick when I was 10, I took over running the household until she recovered. To show me that he appreciated what I’d done, my dad bought me a green radio shaped like a ball—it was all the rage at the time. I loved that radio, but feeling that what I did mattered to my dad meant more.

He passed away too soon afterward, but I will always remember his gesture of gratitude. It instilled in me the philosophy that if you put people first, you’re always rich.

I try to live and work by that.

I spent 10 years supporting the business development staff at Nabisco and then worked part-time and as a stay-at-home-mom for six years so I could raise my three boys.

When they started school in 2005, I joined the team at Financial Life Focus. I love nurturing and inspiring my two “families”—it makes me feel connected to everyone, and rich indeed.

Kathy Molinaro