Tony Villa, CRPC®


B.A. Economics, Harvard College
Doing the right thing boomerangs back to you.

My core beliefs about being part of a team were cemented at 18, working as a wrangler and cowhand on a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All the hands on the ranch were “in this together”—all waking up when the world was still dark, and spending our days doing gut-busting labor. The pay was miserable, but the camaraderie was priceless.

You can’t be a lone cowboy on a ranch and I decided I didn’t want to be one on Wall Street either.

In the 35 years I spent in the industry—mostly in institutional research and sales for equity securities at Bear Stearns—I put people first, transactions second. It helped me build enduring relationships with everyone from clients to coworkers; from trainees to industry stars.

Helping people when—and how—they need it is what I value most about my work. I’ve learned that doing the right thing boomerangs back to you.

I work with people I like. As a financial advisor, I’ve served some of the same clients for over a decade. After that amount of time, you feel like you’re doing more than managing investment portfolios. You’re growing together.

Tony Villa, CRPC®