Moneylogue [mu-nē-log] (n.) blog, writing or speech about money; story in which money contributes largely to the plot, themes, and character development.

Your financial life makes an indelible mark on your personal life. It should tell a story that YOU ARE THRILLED TO LIVE.


How to Master the Money Decision-Making Process

We’re a couple weeks into 2018, a time when many people are still riding the motivation high of their New Year’s resolutions. People resolve to save more and spend less, pay off debt, and accumulate funds for a future purpose. But even if you have those goals firmly placed in your mind, when it comesContinue reading>

This is Resilience: Moving From Challenge to Success

In past columns, I have spoken with a variety of professionals about their views on resilience: a wealth psychology expert, a career coach, and an exercise trainer. Each person, in their specialties, has worked with individuals to help them meet challenges with confidence to transform obstacles into success. Most recently, I am thrilled to haveContinue reading>