Moneylogue [mu-nē-log] (n.) blog, writing or speech about money; story in which money contributes largely to the plot, themes, and character development.

Your financial life makes an indelible mark on your personal life. It should tell a story that YOU ARE THRILLED TO LIVE.

Financial Fads—Hedge Funds Anyone?

Fads are nothing new—they come and they go. We’re drawn to THE new trendy and hot restaurant, bar, travel destination, fashion—whatever is of the moment. And this extends to the right place to invest our money. Financial fads have included tech stocks, newly emerging markets, gold and commodities—and now the topic du jour is “alternativeContinue reading>

The Investing “Shift”

I am a baseball fan. I came of age during the waning days of the Mickey Mantle era. These guys were tough. Mickey Mantle, a nearly flawless player, was hampered by so many injuries from playing and partying so hard that he hit the field taped from neck to toes. Teams were mostly home grown,Continue reading>

Money Mastery

Money mastery is about connecting your values with your money habits.  When life throws us a curve ball, we have to align our habits with our new reality. In order to be “in” mastery you must have the ability to shift and adjust when necessary—like learning to sail.  If the wind shifts and you don’tContinue reading>

Deciphering Your Money Mindset

You arrive at adulthood—somehow—after spending years in and out of school, learning from books, teachers, friends, the media and our parents. As a child, you absorbed lessons through experiences, often at the periphery of what you witnessed or overheard. The problem is, none of us could decipher whether those lessons would be helpful, supportive orContinue reading>

The Game Is Rigged? Of Course It Is!

Since Michael Lewis’ book “Flash Boys” hit the street, the buzz has been loud and raucous. It started with the “60 Minutes” interview featuring Lewis and Brian Katsuyama, who helped parse out the high frequency trading issue.  “Trust is a differentiator?” Brian Katsuyama said incredulously during the interview. The fact that a significant portion ofContinue reading>