Standing Up to Financial Bullies

Bullies don’t just torment their victims at school or on Facebook. And they don’t just pick on children—adults can be subject to various forms of aggressive emotional abuse at their workplace, their community, even their home. In the financial world, there are bullies of a different sort. There are investment companies who continuously pound consumers… Continue reading>

Toddlers, Wild Speculation and Taxes

  Have you ever witnessed toddlers fighting—whining, screaming and stubbornly holding their ground? At some point either everyone gets a time out, or frustration overflows and it gets physical. They are just not equipped to handle their emotions like—ahem—adults. Change the scene: Capital Hill. The acrimony between opposing parties has been raised to new levels.… Continue reading>

Kick-Starting Your Money Satisfaction: Not Another New Year’s Resolution

Larry is successful by most definitions. He's driven, has a loving wife, great kids and grandkids. He owns a thriving business and leads a team of dedicated co-workers. Money is not an issue. He has a clear vision for his business and is driven to build it by doing whatever it takes to make it… Continue reading>

KISS Your Way To Financial Happiness

Yes, you can now KISS your way to financial happiness. Sounds enticing, right? In today’s overly complex world of technology, lifestyle and finance, embracing the concept of simplicity is essential. It is too easy to get lost in the confusion and complexity of financial products, tax laws and media campaigns aimed at luring you into… Continue reading>

Lessons in “Jetership”

At 40, Derek Jeter will retire after 20 years of professional baseball, taking with him five World Series rings, fourteen All-Star appearances, five Gold Gloves, five Silver Sluggers, two Hank Aaron awards and the Yankees’ all time hit title. All lame Ford commercials aside, Derek, on the field, stands for giving 100% of yourself to… Continue reading>

What Coffee, Life and Money Happiness Have In Common

My friend—let's call him Jim—is a complete and utter coffee geek. He buys green beans, roasts them to his liking, grinds them to the perfect consistency and measures the exact amount of ground coffee (in grams) for each serving. He—lovingly—prepares his coffee-making machine, making sure the water is at the right temperature before introducing it… Continue reading>