7 Steps to Money Success

7 steps to financial success

7 steps to money success

We all desire a self-defined level of financial comfort. For some, this might mean having the ability to pay the bills and have no debt. For others, the dream of elaborate mansions and fancy cars stoke their imagination. In a world where many navigate a rocky financial landscape with little to no financial knowledge, the challenge of attaining financial comfort can be difficult or impossible—leaving far too many simply wishing for happy outcomes. There’s a stark difference between wishing and putting plans into action.

The challenge exists for planners and consumers alike to develop a thoughtful, meaningful and values-based plan that is understandable and approachable. There are vagaries of financial decisions because so much depends on future events.

  • What will the markets do?
  • Where will interest rates be?
  • Will I have significant health costs?
  • What will be the cost of college in 16 years?
  • How much will I really need in retirement?

It’s little wonder why there is so much difficulty and confusion in trying to pin down all these variables.
Before you throw up your hands in surrender, it is vital to consider, decide and plan—simply because not doing so puts in you in an undefinable jeopardy. If you have been hitting the wall, unable to make important decisions, change, and improve your life (financial and otherwise), you will be thrilled to know that help has arrived.

Robert Goldmann has published a book “Act From Choice” (Clarity Publications, LLC) a self-management handbook to help you turn thoughts into action in a way that is positive, approachable, and foundational. This book is a guide for real action. It offers a step-by-step approach for improving your life using methods that work.

We are creatures of habit. Some of those habits are good; we brush our teeth, take in good food, get sufficient exercise and sleep. Some habits—not so good. We skip items that need our attention, and we have figured out how to bury the urgency. We need to understand where our habits help us and where they create roadblocks on the route to achieving our desires. “Act From Choice” brings the reader through these habitual impulses and sets the stage to understanding the concept of self-management—defined as the setting for the action of taking control of your life.

In this mind-blowingly complex topic, Robert Goldmann explains it simply and approachably for everyone to pick up and work towards a more empowering life.

The idea is simple: We make choices constantly; what to eat, what to buy, what to save, where to go—but when you inject the idea of choice, we turn up the amplification on the fact that our mindfulness in making decisions can pilot us to greater life satisfaction and happiness.

Robert’s Seven Steps from his book are:

  1. Identify what it is you do, and how you do it.
  2. Pick an objective for what you want to do instead.
  3. Identify the considerations that motivate you.
  4. Decide whether to commit.
  5. Commit to an action.
  6. Train your awareness.
  7. Plan.

The most wonderful aspect of this work is that every step of this guide has been considered from all angles and offered to the reader with kindness and humanity that will assist you in all aspects of life.

Money is one aspect of the bigger picture of life’s confusions and complexities. We stand in the way of our true happiness and success by allowing our unconscious habits to rule our actions and thereby our outcomes. Whether it is about your finances or your life, “Act From Choice” will help you if you’re willing to look inside and make active decisions and hold the truths close to your heart. I know you want to. I know you can.