Chris: Starting Life After College

Chris first sat down in our offices with a newly-minted degree in Computer Science, a job with a consulting firm, and a lot of questions.

“I want to make sure I do things right. I don’t care about a fancy car. But I do want to pay down my school loans and make sure I have enough cash in case of a problem. My company has a retirement plan and I suppose I should contribute to it,” he told us.

“That being said—I have no idea what to do.”

We told him “You already did the hard part—you’re here, and you know what you want most.”

He had a respectable laser focus on his long-term goals—and was committed to achieving them.

Today, Chris is a husband, father, and a top executive with an MBA from an elite business school. His loans are paid off, college plans for his three children are funded, retirement plans are growing, and he has a healthy emergency fund to plan for the unexpected. He centered his spending and savings plans in a reality that gave him ease, even amidst uncertainty.

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