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I’m still pinching myself. My new book “The Feel Rich Project” is out today. This launch completes a very important milestone in a journey I started many years ago: to guide men, women and families to transform their relationship with money. I wanted to get that message out to as many people as I possibly could—because no one should have to live their life in money misery.

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I’ve been speaking, writing and advising about money for years now. And I’ve poured much of what I’ve learned, tested and proven into this book. It’s a critical part of my life’s work.

But don’t just take my word for it. The process I’ve laid out in The Feel Rich Project has already been endorsed by Michelle Singletary (Washington Post columnist and author) and Carl Richards (author and New York Times columnist) among other luminaries, not to mention the over 4,000 families I’ve served personally. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

In The Feel Rich Project, you’ll:

  • Explore your needs, values, and beliefs—to decide exactly what true wealth looks like for you?
  • Discover how your childhood is still affecting your money life today.
  • Learn how your life experiences created your money beliefs and habits.
  • Understand how to replace destructive money habits with new habits that support your vision of a happy and rich life.
  • Overcome any shame and blame for your past money mistakes so you can focus on your future.
  • Create a just-for-you action plan to meet your goals and start living richly.

The Feel Rich Project presents you with a step-by-step system for getting clarity around your relationship with money, aligning your money life with your most precious values and charting a path to move from where you are now to the rich life you crave.

If you buy in the next two weeks, I’m including some added bonuses to help you take action:

  • A workbook with all the worksheets from the book that you can print out or complete on your computer or tablet.
  • The Feel Rich Project Fast Start Audio Training to get you ready to wrap your arms around your money life.
  • Admission to an invitation-only webinar where I’ll talk about the book and answer your questions.

Together these bonuses are worth $168. And they’re free if you buy before July 7.

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with money, I’m confident that this book can be an important tool for you at exactly the right time. Will you join me on this journey?

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Here’s to living the rich life you deserve!