Candace: A New Widow Wondering What’s Next

Candace had just lost her husband barely two months earlier when she was referred to us. She was, understandably, in a highly emotional state. What made her so anxious to meet with a new financial advisor? Her husband had died suddenly and she had no idea whether she could safely grieve without financial worry.

We listened to her concerns gently and with great respect. After she left, we poured over her financial situation to determine whether it would support the new life she wanted to lead now that she was on her own.

What we uncovered was—to put it politely—a mess. They owned an assortment of completely inappropriate investments, loaded with commissions. It made no sense from either an investment or tax perspective—a second opinion before their purchase would have saved them enormously. Not just financially, but emotionally.

Instead of being secure in the knowledge that she and her husband had planned well for their future, Candace had spent her new widowhood embroiled in financial worry.

Thankfully, at our next meeting, we were able to assure her that—financially—she had enough. We assured her that her situation was stable and suggested she do nothing until she was emotionally ready to tackle her investments.

Because nothing was more important to Candace than being able to breathe again…

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