Chapter X: People Change or People Change

By November 17, 2020Resilience

Many years ago, probably around fifteen or so, I signed up for a coaching program. It was aimed at creating self-mastery in business. It focused the creation of systems and processes and the knowledge, attitude, skills and habits necessary to build self-mastery. The leader insisted that our job, as entrepreneurs, was to create processes and systems that my team must employ in order to get the job done properly. It was our responsibility to hold them accountable.

When asked by an attendee what happens if they fail to follow the proscribed system, his automatic response was, “People change or people change,” inferring that those unwilling to comply must be replaced with people who will.

In Chapter X, we are confronted with lots of changes; not only to the structure of our day, but our health, our acuity, our purpose, our spending, our social circles and maybe where and how we live.

Change, as they say, is the only constant. You can either go kicking and screaming, resisting or refusing to accept limitations or you can modify your behaviors to accommodate that which is reality. It begins with your mindset as to how you deal with change. You might not like it, but if it’s reality, what choice do you truly have?

For some, the grace of peaceful acceptance might be the culmination of a spiritual practice. For others, frustration and dissatisfaction rule their being. I actually know people who fall into each category and honestly, I love spending time with the former; the latter, not so much.

The choice is yours. I know which one I choose, even with the occasional fits and bouts of resistance.