Your Mindset Is Making Your Money Decisions For You

Newsflash: your life is ruled by your mindset.

Let that sink in for a moment. While the idea that a set of rules, like a software program, is actually running your show might be off-putting, you will come to the obvious conclusion that it is so.

The reality is that every decision that falls outside of the cellular level (and I’m not talking four bars worth, but breathing, sweating and pulling your hand away from a hot stove), is made from your mindset. 

Our mindset—positive or negative—pilots what we do, where we go, how we vote (or not) and what news we read or watch (for more on this, read “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck).

When it comes to money, your mindset determines your level of care, your degree of stewardship and how you value it. Some money mindsets lead to a secure life of savings, financial management and thoughtful planning. Others lead to terrible debt and an unsupportable lifestyle.

Look around you for examples and then take a close look in the mirror. What is your money mindset?

Are you a saver or a spender?

Do you worry about money or are you secure with your path?

Do you avoid money issues or do you pursue answers to questions appropriately?

Does money create conflict in your relationships or are you able to communicate without angst and anxiety?

Does your money mindset lead you to a restful night’s sleep or are you tossing and turning with worry and fear that the bill collectors will call or send yet another demand letter?

If you’re happily—and consciously—invested in how your money life is proceeding, congratulations. But if yours is filled with challenges that cause stress and unhappiness, there is a fix.

Remember, your mindset is your software. That means your mindset tells you which way to drive to work in the morning, whether you want to go to the gym or order up pay per view from a cozy seat on the couch. And just like software, your mindset can be altered, reprogrammed and replaced with mindset 2.0 or 2.1 or 3.0. Your awareness, desire and efforts to improve your life require mindful and intentional upgrades.

The problem lies when you don’t believe that change is possible. Mindset upgrades are not automatic and don’t appear like magic on your smartphones (where even there, you have to make a definite decision to update). It takes action to make real change. In fact, spurring the right actions to make the right changes for yourself is why I spent the last year writing my newest book “The Feel Rich Project”.

Is your current way of living moving your closer to or further away from your preferred future?

Do you actively make decisions that support your long-term happiness?

Are you operating on “autopilot” when it comes to your spending decisions?

Do you feel good or bad about your money life?

If your answers to these questions leave you feeling that things are not as you want them to be, then it’s time to look at your money mindset and begin to work towards freeing yourself of the chains that drag you down. By replacing your current ‘software’ for an updated and more sensible (for you) set of thoughts, beliefs and actions, your money mindset can bring you to security and peace of mind. What have you got to lose other than some misery?